Our team

Andrzej Bernardyn is the author of the SpeedRead123 course

a psychologist, a personal development manager and coach, specializing in the field of effective learning an active member of two international educational organizations: Toastmasters International and Odyssey of the Mind. Andrzej has 7 years of experience in teaching how to read effectively (particularly in the area concerning speed reading, understanding and memorization). He organizes group as well as individual trainings.

Andrzej is a practitioner

already in high school he has learnt to speed read, create mind maps, and make a full use of his memory this way, from an average student he became one of the best students in his class. He passed all of his high school exams with flying colours and over 60 exams in two different faculties without even one make-up, and won a prestigious scholarship of the Minister of Higher Education.

The course was designed by the Funmedia company, which:

  • created the first online textbook for learning English in Poland, that was accepted by the Ministry of National Education
  • provides e-learning platforms for 1100 schools in Poland
  • is the leader in the new media industry in teaching languages
  • in cooperation with the Information Society Development Foundation and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducts the "English123 in The Library" project. This project provides online multimedia platforms for 1050 libraries in Poland
  • co-creates the "School With Class 2.0" programme
  • exists on the market in 20 countries and is known in Europe, both Americas and even Asia