1. The course works really slowly, what should I do? (system requirements)

Usually, 2-3 year old computers, which open normal Internet websites, are sufficient for the use of our course. A detailed description of the requirements:
  • Processor: min. 1 GHz
  • RAM: min. 512 MB
  • Browser: Firefox 3.x , Opera 10.x, Google Chrome or newer
  • Applications: Adobe Flash 9.x (or newer)
  • Additional equipment: headphones or speakers
  • Constant Internet connection
  • Free space on your hard drive: 100 MB

We also recommend clearing your web browser cache - instructions here.

2. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Use the “forgot your password?” option that is underneath “log in”.
The system will ask you to give an e-mail address (the one that was used while registering). An e-mail with a link will be sent (it might end up in the SPAM folder).  When you click the link, you will automatically log into the website. You can then change the password in the ”my account” tab, after which you should log out and in again (using the new password).

3. I am having trouble with opening a game/recording.

Check if the errors occur on other computer. If not, the reason for this could be:
  • an old web browser (we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox)
  • an expired version Flash (program is free and available online here: Flash)
  • the lack of sound or video browsers
  • We also recommend clearing your web browser cache - instructions here

I don't know how to start using the course.

You should follow the order of the lessons.