The SpeedRead123 course – an interactive, on-line speed reading course

The SpeedRead123 course – is the only speed reading course in Poland which employs advanced multimedia technologies. The course teaches and entertains what makes memorizing and learning easy and entertaining as well as guarantees long-lasting effects.

From the SpeedRead123 course you will:

  • contains films with special 3D effects
  • contains comprehensive and attractive information - interactive photolessons and multimedia exercises,
  • strengthens newly gained knowledge by doing fun and interesting games
  • allows to download lessons in audio version and listen to them whenever and wherever you like,
  • is focused on the most important aspects of speed reading which will result in quick progress.

From the SpeedRead123 course you will:

  • Learn to read at least twice as fast as you do now, which allows you to:
    • gain much valuable and interesting knowledge
    • save time and spend it on things you really like
    • effectively study for your exams and read a multi-page book even if you have little time
  • enhance your understanding of a text
  • know how to create an optimum learning environment, what learning and forgetting curves are
  • nincrease your concentration by, among other things, learning how to juggle
  • learn how to use a pointer in the process of reading
  • get an innovative computer program which allows you to effectively and easily read from the screen of your computer
  • learn useful reading tactics and strategies which allow you to quickly find the information you need

Learning has never been this pleasurable! The course will entertain you and allow you to gain new and valuable skills.